Texas Invitational 2012


March 9 – June 23, 2012
Maureen Brouillette, Shawn Camp,
Jim Malone , and Paul McCoy


Maureen Brouillette

B.A. Graphic Arts, University of Texas at Arlington
Resides in Dallas, Texas



I enjoy combining acrylic paint with collage of my own paintings, photos, and drawings, to make a personal statement. My work usually combines architectural images with abstract shapes and organic line-work. My intent is to use recognizable subject matter in a slightly ambiguous way, because I would like the final piece to be open to individual interpretation.


Shawn Camp

B.F.A. Painting, University of Idaho, Moscow Idaho
M.F.A. Painting, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia
Resides in Austin, Texas

The paintings of Shawn Camp explore human need to seek out order from disorder. When seen from above, the landscape becomes a tapestry of interweaving influences between nature and the marks carved upon it by humanity. These marks codify sections of terrain, delineate boundaries of ownership, and facilitate our use of the land. Seeing the universe as ordered offers a certain amount of meaning and gives us the sense that we are being taken care of. It is human nature to find order whether it exists or not, and the marked landscape as seen from above becomes a metaphor for that human tendency.


Jim Malone

Born 1943, Savannah, New York
B.A. State University of New york, 1968
Graduate Study 1968-70, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas
Resides in Fort Worth, Texas

Known for his works on paper and his landscapes of the Big Bend region, James Malone is a consummate draftsman who has worked in a variety of media and techniques over a career spanning 35 years. To create his images he uses graphite, watercolor, pen and charcoal, collage, opaque acrylic paint, wax, and thread, and even burns lines into paper using a magnifying glass. He also works with composite images of photographs. Celestial and terrestrial maps figure in many of his compositions.


Paul McCoy

Born Chicago, Illinois
B.A., Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois
M.F.A, Ceramics, University of Iowa City, Indiana
Resides in Waco, Texas

Raised in Chicago's south side, Paul McCoy began working in clay in 1964 under the direction of Daniel Edler at Scattergood Friends School, a boarding school in rural West Branch, Iowa. He taught ceramics in Chicago-area high schools for several years before moving to Texas to work in the oilfields. During this period, McCoy enrolled in evening ceramics courses at the University of Houston/Clear Lake, where he spent two years working under the supervision of Professor Nick de Vries, who McCoy credits as one of his most significant influences and mentors. After completing his graduate studies at the University of Iowa, McCoy moved to Waco in 1986 to direct the ceramics program at Baylor University.

McCoy's creative endeavors embrace both functional and sculptural ceramics. His work has been exhibited, published, and collected at national and international levels for the past 21 years.